13 June 2013

Who would avenge himself on the Burundi governments last?

Who would avenge himself on the Burundi governments last?
National Commission of Lands and Other Assets’ decisions -cntb in french acronimies- arise  nauseous smelling of ethnic conflict fifteen years after Arusha Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi was signed.
A netizen commented on http://www;ganira.com  that the national commission of land and other properties (CNTB) was not conciliating, but raising tensions among Burundians”.
Massacres in kamenge following Ndadaye's assassination
Cntb is responsible for resolving lands disputes arising from the return of some 700,000 Burundian Hutu refugees from abroad. The decisions taken according to http://www.rfi.fr/emission, raise increasingly tensions among hutu and tutsi.
Nyakabeto case has http://www.27avril.com/blog explosively shown that ethnic hatred is alive. “Dislodging a Tutsi family from his home, which was given to a Hutu” has another meaning rather than what Serapion Bambonanire is issuing.
Young people, who came to the rescue of Nyakabetos, are mainly coming  from tutsité areas. This scene was interpreted by some hutu, as a renaissance of left or extreme right tutsité movements.  http://burundi-agnews.org/exdroite_documentation.htm in Burundi. 
“I am very stunned by people who stoke the fire of ethnic conflict while they know to which extent Burundian has suffered from, perhaps except them – the Tutsi-who are raising tensions, but they have got indirectly the lesson”. Commented another a netizen on http://www.27avril.com.
The dose of revenge is more visible than that of to reconcile. According to kabagabo, CNTB does not reconcile, he is rather guided by a spirit of revenge. Serapion the president of CNTB said himself that he is more interested by those who were  robbed rather than others. It‘s known according to Ndayiraje Leonidas former fighter activist that those who were robbed are mainly hutu.
If Jesus is a savior of the world, CNDD-FDD is savior of “Hutu”....
Ndadaye, the first president democratically elected 1993,and assassinated  did not achieve the program which aimed at effectively liberating the oppressed people, most of them hutus. Hence, among forty six radical reforms he promised to introduce the army, the police, justice, were targeted. Furthermore, assuring a clear representativeness of Hutus in all sectors of national life, including the Supreme judicial and returning back all lands and properties that were looted were an ultimate goal of his power. Unfortunately the heroes were assassinated early without implementing his ambitious program.
His assassination was considered  by most hutus as failure Ndadaye’s Sahwanya Frodebu party. According to Samwel former activist of Fnl – front national de liberation- Frodebu party was unable to protect the president , because he did not have soldiers.
CNDD-FDD, simply by coincidence, occupied the gap in the military domain. From now on, has attracted to himself the Hutu sympathy that he wishes to maintain by hook or by crook.
Zenon Nzisabira a prominent member of the ruling party stated “It is not said aloud, but actions speak louder. Cndd-fdd is the only political party in Burundi that still effectively defending the ore interests of the Hutus”. He adds: “Now that almost all reforms have been made, we must find other actions  to introduce in order to maintain the Hutu electorate”. To him the enactment of draconian laws and provocative actions of the commission of land and other properties – cntb- do not have other aims rather than to maintain the sympathy of the former oppressed.
An eye for an eye will only make the whole Burundi blind
“His- the spokesman of cntb- words ring only revenge ... and I wonder against whom”; acknowledges Ngendanganya the member of civil society.
When you begin a journey of revenge, start by digging two graves: one for your enemy and one for yourself” said Jodi Picoult. Obviously, there were massacres and robbery in 1972 genocide which was mainly targeted Hutu. But, the opportunity we are offered now would not be dedicated to creating power mistakes victims.
Children that are facing avenge are not responsible of what their father have done. The government should avoid everything thatmay rekindle the frustrationsre lated to ethnic issues.
There is a way to ask who will avenge last, because children who face this cntb’s brutality will sooner or later retaliate against their country. We are not against giving back what one’s had stolen, but the agreements signed in Arusha must be respected to prevent Burundian from wars.

4 June 2013

Pancrace Cimpaye fled again

Sahwanya Frodebu’s reunification is crucial, potential benefits are numerous; but so are challenges


The reunification of fragmented political parties is among conclusions that resulted from the first political dialogue after 2010 general election, in March 213. After two months, Pancrace Cimpaye, former spokesman of Sahwanya Frodebu call on Leonce Ngendakumana to reunify the party.
pancrace Cimpaye ancien porte parole
It is sad to note that the family of heirs to Ndadaye’s leadership is dispersed scattered, dislocated..." acknoledges Cimpaye. Such situation, he regrets: “gives a sight of bad taste, which weakens more Frodebu’s leaders”.
Cimpaye recommended Ngendakumana to urge Leonard Nyangoma, Sylvestre Ntibantunganya, Jean Minani, Augustin Nzojibwami,Domitien Ndayizeye, Fréderic Bambuginyumviran, Euphrasie Bigirimana to exceed their individual expectations and save the nation.
Since the Ndadaye’s assassination Sahwanya Frodebu did not stop to shatter at every turn in the history of Burundi. Leonce Ngendakumana explains: “after Ndadaye was killed, misunderstandings have often broken out which has made the party weak. First, he said a quarrel between Sylvestre Ntibantunganya and Leonard Nyangoma, second the duo Domitien Ndayizeye, Minani Jean against Augustin Nzojibwami, third he goes on ,Leonce Ngendakumana together with Domitien Ndayizeye against Minani Jean and nowadays the rumors are heard about that Léonce Ngendakumana is against Ndayizeye Domitien”.
 After each misunderstanding a political party was born with the same ideology. Ngandakumana highlights: “All these quarrels were not based on the ideology but on self interests of the leader”.  

Frodebu: a handheld of antisocial vectors…..


Cimpaye stated: “the enmities, hatred, intolerance, jealousy, selfishness, the bourgeoisie are all antisocial vectors we- Frodebu leaders- adopted and have  gently run the ship of democrats”. “This is no time for petty revenge”: he concludes.
The frodebu’s back ground is marked by bursting and leakage of resources from Ndadaye’s assassination. The fear of a new burst, according to Nkanira created a group within the Frodebu party whose role is to mobilize some activists of the party against new strategy and some individuals. To iwacu news paper N°120, the Frodebu party has become a pot of lamentation. He maintained that a democratically adversarial debate is almost forgotten.
If Thierry Ndayishimiye has accused Eduard Nduwimana http://www.burunditransparence.org/nyakuri, the ministry of home Affairs, of disorganizing the opposition political parties, he has ignored that inside the fragmented political party themselves there are many Edwards.
It is obvious according to Denis that obstacle to the reunification of Frodebu party, is not Eduard Nduwimana, but the key decision makers of the Frodebu party.
If Frodebu's leaders want to build the nation they must all exceed their expectations.